Hypertrophy Genitals Girl - (NSFW!)


Japanese gore and porn director Noboru Iguchi gives us his take of the old romantic story: schoolgirl grows a four-foot penis, schoolgirl’s friend grows a giant vagina, both of them explode in volcano of bodily fluids (wait for it). It’s the same tale of love and loss that has been repeating for generations. (I cannot stress enough that it’s NSFW, you’ve been warned. If you want to skip to the good part, go to 4:30 ;D)

Japanese underwear cutie

Japanese underwear cutie schoolgirl.  Mmmm-mmmmm the Japanese schoolgirl uniform and the little panties underneath.  This cute Japanese schoolgirl just melts my heart.  I don't know what it is?  Maybe it's the black stockings, maybe it's the white panties or could be just the Japanese teen body.  Love the way they pull up their skirts.  Can't get enough of them.  Japanese teen schoolgirls I just love you!

Super hot naked Japanese teen

What can I say...I love a great photograph. Especially one that is a naked Japanese teen girl.  Love the tight bodies of the Japanese idols.  Slightly shaved Japanese idols are the best.  This girl's body is so tight and perfect.  

Some mega favorite Japanese panty pictures!

Did I mention that I'm a connoisseur of Japanese teen panty pictures.  I consider myself an expert on the fine subject of this photographic genre.  And these photographs get 5 out of 5 stars.  What do you think?  For me these are top notch.  I can't get enough panties and the japanese teens that wear them.  Innocent and not so innocent at the same time. 

Just few favorite Japanese idol pictures

Just a few favorite Japanese idol pictures.  I love the the Japanese girl pull down there panties half way. I'm a photographic expert on the Japanese schoolgirl skirt and panty these both are two thumbs up! Enjoy!

吉木りさ Risa Yoshiki

吉木りさ Risa Yoshiki

Sweet innocent Risa Yoshiki is walks on the beach.  As she does she has uncontrollable thoughts.   Sexual thoughts....As this Japanese idol beauty is over taken by sensations she slightly lifts her skirt to show her tight little panties.  Later when she is alone she can only take off her skirt to reveal her small Japanese body in her underwear.   So cute.

Japanese bloomers- can't get enough.


This is a video of a super hot Japanese school girl in bloomers gym uniform.  Note the way the uniform  is tight up on the shaved pussy.  I've view my fare share of Japanese school girls in gym uniforms but this one takes it to a whole new level.  You won't be disappointed with this video.  Her teen japanese body is super tight...as is is her bloomers on her body.  Cute, tight, Japanese, and schoolgirl.  Mmmm  my favorite words put together indeed.  So check it out... and try not to drool to much!

Amazing Japanese school girls - bloomers - buruma

Amazing Japanese school girls - bloomers - buruma

I'm a believer in the after life and to me this is exactly what in looks like. Japanese schoolgirls playing twister while in gym uniforms (Bloomers, buruma). These high school girls are so amazingly hot in this video. Trust me you won't get enough of this one! They all exceptionally cute Japanese schoolgirls twisting and turning there wonderful bodies for your pleasure. Oh man I can't wait till I die.

TENGA CUPS (Red Standard Series)

Japan makes a lot of great stuff.  Anime, pencil boxes, Sushi, rock gardens, male sex toys...Yeah if you didn't know already they make some insane male sex toys.  Try one and you'll see.  Tenga is a Japanese     male sex toy company that makes some really great products.  All you need is a bit of lube and you're ready to go.  The Tenga is a little more expensive than other products out there but they're worth every penny.  The cool thing about the Tenga products is is that they don't look like most Men's sex toys.  Most products are pink and the front actually kind of looks like a vagina.  But the Tenga is much more discrete.   If your friends found it they might think is was a container of some kind.  Some of them actually kind of look cool.  You can buy them on many sex toy web sites that sell male sex toys.  You can control the tightness of most products and some deliver an actual sucking sensation.  You do need to have lube to use these products. If you've never tried a male sex toy this is the one to try.  You won't be disappointed.

Bloomers Exercise Japanese schoolgirl uniform

Bloomers super cute

Nice Japanese schoolgirls doing her exercises in her bloomers (gym uniform). Yet another sweet little Japanese idol that you can't get enough of. Watch as she bends and twists...oh the form please don't stop. Exercise class was never this fun. Can it get any better than this super cute little Japanese idol schoolgirl.


stripe pantsu
The word パンツ (pronounced Pantsu) is the japanese word for “panties” (panties in a japanese accent), a variant is also 縞パン ( pronounced Shimapan), or striped panties. The source of the spread is from an anime called Chobits, in which a character (Chii) Marched down a path repeating the word Pantsu almost obsessively. The livestream in which it was playing on (by ZavCoyote) had the chat go wild, spamming the word Pantsu for almost the entire time. Zav was pushed to set his title of his channel to “PANTSU”, even renaming most of his other accounts. Even going as far as to create a video repeating the same word constantly.
Japanese schoolgirls and stripe panties...the perfect combination.  


Swim suit Idol

Sweet Japanese Idols in a swimsuit.

Line App has been downloaded over 150 million times

If you're an American and you haven't used Line (app) you're missing out.  It's a chat app but with the cool feature of sending "stickers" (little cartoon characters) to friends.  I know what your thinking..."So what?". Trust me down load the app and try it.  You'll be the envy of all your friends because you found out about it first.  Looks like Asia got us again!